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Hope it was tasty

A 19-year-old college student accused of swiping a doughnut in Wyoming is going to be paying a pretty penny for that pastry. The Northwest Trail reported that Zach O'Dell has agreed to pay a $200 fine, $10 in court costs - and 79 cents to cover the cost of the doughnut. O'Dell was accused of eating the treat in Blair's Market in Powell on Nov. 28 and leaving without paying for it. He was charged with shoplifting. Prosecution was deferred, and the charge will be dismissed in six months if O'Dell stays out of trouble.

Any baggage fees?

Talk about your underground art

A Swiss artist plans to bury an intact Boeing 727 jetliner 38 feet under California's Mojave Desert and build a tourist tunnel, called the "Terminal," to give visitors a chance to view the underground project. Christoph Buchel has applied for a Kern County conditional-use permit that will allow him to bury the 153-foot-long decommissioned airliner west of Boron, Calif.

Not so flush anymore

Bandits hitting up restrooms in Ohio

A restroom rip-off in central Ohio has automatic flushers disappearing from the bathrooms at restaurants and other businesses. Police say it has been happening in at least a couple of Columbus suburbs. Handyman John Hahn told WBNS-TV the flushers are likely being stolen for scrap because they contain a metal called red brass that can bring $2.50 per pound.

Pachyderm's peril

It'll be hard to lose this contact lens

A 45-year-old Asian elephant at a Netherlands zoo has become the first of her species in Europe to have a contact lens. Officials with the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam said the elephant, Win Thida, had surgery and was outfitted with a contact lens after her eye was badly injured during a fight with another elephant, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

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"A new website just came out that's designed to calculate how long it takes Mitt Romney to earn your salary. So from now on, whenever Mitt Romney is running late, he can call there and say, 'I'll be there in five teachers.'"

Conan O'Brien, host of Conan