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Ever wonder how Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak and Vanna White managed to spend more than 25 years together and not argue? Well, it seems they used to do a lot of their shows stone drunk. No, really, they did.

"When I first started and was much younger and could tolerate those things; We had a different show then," Sajak told ESPN2's Dan LeBatard on Tuesday's Dan LeBatard Is Highly Questionable when asked if he ever did the show a little tipsy (watch the interview at He noted the program's setup times to showcase "cheesy prizes" often left them with 21/2-hour dinner breaks.

"At NBC in Burbank we had a place called Los Arcos across the street - which is Spanish, as you know, for 'The Arcos' - and they served great margaritas," he said. "Vanna and I would go across and have two or three or six and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet."

And how many drinks did he usually have? "I think the average number was cuatro," he noted, adding, "I had a great time. I have no idea if the shows were any good, but no one said anything, so I guess I did okay."

Don't worry, Pat, we watched a lot of episodes that way, too.

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Dwight may get a spinoff

Fans of The Office may be split on the show after Steve Carell left, but soon there will be more of Rainn Wilson to go around. It looks like NBC is working on a spinoff featuring Dwight Schrute working at Schrute Farms. Because you can never have enough beets. "(Producer) Paul (Lieberstein) and Rainn have been joking for years about Dwight's life on the farm, his family and how ill-suited he is to run a B&B," a source told "A while ago, it started to feel like a show to them. NBC agreed, it's been further developed to include multiple generations, many cousins and neighbors. ... At its base it will be about a family farm struggling to survive and a family trying to stay together." What a timely offering from NBC! Word is this show may get a midseason launch in 2013. Dwight would likely remain on The Office if it gets a ninth season, but then be phased out in time for his new show. No Michael Scott or Dwight? What will Jim and Pam be doing all day, working?

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LiLo sued in alleged accident

Here's another court-related incident for Lindsay Lohan: she's been sued by a woman who says she was hit by Lohan in a Maserati in West Hollywood - 17 months ago. It must have taken her that long to find the actress, since she's barely keeping her SAG card active. Nubia Del Carmen Plaza says LiLo ran into her with a rented Maserati Gran Turismo while Plaza was crossing the street in September 2010, E! News reports. She is seeking unspecified damages, medical expenses and loss of wages and future earnings. Not that the actress knew anything about it. "To the best of my knowledge, neither Lindsay nor her attorneys have been served with a lawsuit," her rep told E!. "So we really can't comment on something that hasn't been served through the proper channels. People like to do this - give lawsuits to the media before they serve it to Lindsay." Although with Lindsay, you have to wonder if there aren't long stretches of time when she simply doesn't remember anything she may or may not have done.

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End-of-week roundup

Demi Moore has been released from the hospital, E! reports, after a partygoer at the actress' house called 911 Monday night when Demi began convulsing. We're still waiting to see if she was really doing whip-its at her house; she must have been all out of butane.

Drew Carrey and his fiancee Nicole Jaracz have ended their engagement, which began way back in October 2007, right after she graduated from culinary school, People reports. Considering Drew's 80-pound weight loss in recent years, we think we can cook up a good reason why this didn't work out.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have reportedly named Oprah Winfrey godmother to their new daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, RadarOnline says. Jay's friend Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith must be pretty unhappy the spotlight will forever be off his appointment as godfather.

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50 Cent makes a Super bet

Finally, a reason for Juice* fans to watch football: 50 Cent and a Twitter fan have agreed to bet in which Fiddy must post a nude photo if the New York Giants lose Super Bowl XLVI to the New England Patriots. That $500,000 he won for Big Blue beating the Niners in the NFC Championship must have gone to his head. Back on Sunday, the 36-year-old rapper told user Dora Dora, a.k.a. @MyBestAssets, he would snap a pic of his manhood if the Pats won: "Ok RT @MyBestAssets: @50cent Lets bet. If the Giants lose the Superbowl, u must post ur d*ck on the twitter. If they win, I'll post my boobs & face on here. Bet?" he noted in a retweet. It should be noted that @MyBestAssets is using some nameless file photo on her Twitter feed, so don't get too excited. There's all sorts of nude stuff out there on the Twitters, so this wouldn't be terribly unusual. All you Ruff Ryders out there should stay tuned on Feb. 5 to find out what happens. He also was trying to make a $1 million bet on the G-Men on Thursday, so he may be losing his shirt, in any case.

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Follow a new page on Facebook

Dear friends of The Juice*: We've had tons of fun making smart-alecky comments on our Facebook page, but now we need to streamline, just like the rest of America. We're not leaving Facebook entirely, however; We're just heading to the main tbt* fan page at "Like" that new page and enter to win a brand-new iPad2 - it's not a joke, we really have it. We've seen it with our own eyes!