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Rubio's big week

If there was a Republican in America who did not know Marco Rubio, he or she does after this week.

Gushing shout-outs from the candidates at last night's CNN debate. National coverage for his rebuke of Newt Gingrich's Crist-Romney comparison. VP buzz among TV pundits. Even a tough Reuters article about his financial woes in past years had an upside: Riddled with errors, it made Rubio look like a victim.

Today, the Florida Senator generated more attention with a well-received speech at the Hispanic Leadership Conference. Rubio was met with some protesters and the activist group Presente Action said it was launching a campaign -- No Somos Rubios -- to expose Rubio's hard line position against the Dream Act and support for immigration enforcement. The group said it plans to put on Florida TV a "hard-hitting" video against Rubio.

But Rubio continues to ride high. Tomorrow, he'll deliver the weekly Republican address.

Posted by Alex Leary at 11:39:16 am on January 27, 2012