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Someone doesn't like the Bucs hire

Published Jan. 31, 2012

Sports Illustrated's Michael Rosenberg isn't crazy about the Bucs hiring Greg Schiano as coach. Actually, you could go a step farther. He hates it. Among Rosenberg's thoughts:

How do you go from Tony Dungy to Jon Gruden to Raheem Morris to Greg Schiano? Does that seem like progress to anybody on this planet? If Schiano fails (did I say "if?) then whom will the Bucs hire? The nearest high school coach?

And ...

Schiano is a lousy game coach. And if he was a lousy game coach in college, where the schemes (generally) are not as sophisticated, how can he outfox guys like Sean Payton, Jeff Fisher, John Fox or Tom Coughlin, who have been winning in the NFL for years? (Those guys are all on the Bucs' 2012 schedule, by the way.)

And ...

Greg Schiano? He isn't qualified for this. The things he did well at Rutgers -- getting the community to believe, recruiting, taking academics seriously -- don't matter in the NFL. I love when unconventional moves work in the NFL, but this is beyond unconventional. I don't know how you win the NFC South with a guy who had 11 years to win the Big East and never did.

To read Rosenberg's entire column, click here.

Posted by Tom Jones at 10:20:23 am on January 27, 2012