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Total coat score at Macy's!

Published Jan. 31, 2012

Even though it's 400 degrees this January in Florida, I needed a coat. I'm venturing to South Korea in February and March, as I've mentioned, and it's flipping cold there. Having been an official Deal Diva for several years now, I knew better than to buy cold weather items before Christmas, or even New Year's. I went to Macy's One Day Sale the first week of January with some hesitation, because I've learned the best discounts typically aren't on the advertised dates. All the coats were still around $50 at the lowest, and if you haven't gleaned, I'm a miser.

I went to Macy's at Tyrone Mall last Friday, on a random night in January with no advertised sales. Bank!

I got this coat you see here by I.N.C. And yes, this picture was shot in my half-bath. I had a hard time finding a place in the house with both a hook and good enough light. I suppose I could have put the coat on, but my makeup wasn't done, etc, etc, etc. Anyway. The coat. I LOVE IT so much. It has a total 1960s Twiggy vibe. It's flattering and classic, yet interesting. I will have this forever.

It was priced at $119, marked down to $44 on the random Friday. I had some money left on a Macy's gift card from Christmas (another strategic play), and I walked out of the store with this guy for $12.

The sleeves are a little long, as you can see by my artful cuff. Or maybe my arms are a little short. Either way. My boyfriend (who flipped with glee at the sight of this coat -- I've never seen him like anything of mine more, which is always fun), suggested I get the sleeves tailored since I saved so much money. You can see why I like him. Smart.

Coats are on sale right now, everywhere. If you need one, now's the time before they clear the racks for swimsuits, which is already starting. This is a timing game, my friends. Play, will you?

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: My coat on the towel rack in my half-bath, iPhone.

Posted by Stephanie Hayes at 11:42:52 am on January 27, 2012