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A federal judge on Friday sentenced "Barefoot Bandit" Colton Harris-Moore to 61/2 years in prison for his infamous two-year string of crimes that ended in 2010. Authorities say he flew a plane stolen in Washington state to the San Juan Islands, stole a pistol in British Columbia, stole a boat in Washington to go to Oregon, and took a plane in Indiana and flew to the Bahamas, where was arrested. Harris-Moore 20, apologized to his victims before U.S. District Judge Richard Jones imposed the sentence in Seattle, which will be served concurrently with state prison time. He got his nickname because he committed several crimes without wearing shoes.

Catch symphony live on the Web

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has launched a webcast player that will allow music lovers to enjoy concerts online for free in the comfort of their homes. People in about 40 countries are expected to view a high-definition webcast of "Live from Orchestra Hall" at 8 tonight, and the orchestra expects its webcast series to surpass 30,000 views with the episode. More concerts will follow. The orchestra said the webcast player will make online viewers feel as if they are sitting in Detroit's Orchestra Hall.

Ailing cat getsa new knee

Cyrano, a 10-year-old cat from Upperville, Va., received what doctors believe is the first feline total knee replacement in the United States on Thursday. Denis Marcellin-Little, a veterinarian at North Carolina State University, said Cyrano's implant is made of plastic and cobalt chromium alloy. The cat underwent treatment last year at Colorado State University for cancer in his left hind leg. The disease is in remission, but the treatment left the leg nearly useless and extremely painful.

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