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Suspicious packages

Drug shipment to U.N. unlikely to be returned

A parcel with about 35 pounds of cocaine was seized last week at the U.N., a New York police spokesman said Thursday. Paul Browne said the drug was in a white bag masquerading as a diplomatic pouch that raised suspicions when it was being scanned because it was stamped with what looked like a poorly concocted version of the U.N. logo. Browne said there was no name or address on the shipment sent from Mexico City through Cincinnati. A U.N. security spokesman added, "This did not come from a United Nations facility. ... It was not, in my opinion, not intended to go to a United Nations facility."

privacy schmivacy

Hawaii says aloha to Internet spying?

Hawaii's legislature wants to require that Internet service providers in the Aloha State keep track of every website their customers visit. HB 2288 would create "virtual dossiers" on residents and visitors to the state. The measure says "Internet destination history information" and "subscriber's information," such as name and address, must be saved for two years. Rep. Kymberly Pine, an Oahu Republican and the House minority floor leader, told news outlets Friday that the bill's intention was to protect "victims of crime," not compile virtual dossiers on every resident of - or visitor to - the Aloha State who uses the Internet.

Cellphone wars

Is that a gadget in your shoe?

A Pennsylvania middle school has had it with students smuggling cellphones into classes. So it's no more boots at Pottstown Middle School, where officials sent parents a letter on Wednesday alerting them that "open top boots" had been banned from the school. School officials say they had to ban the boots because students were using them as a way to sneak prohibited items, such as cellphones, into the classroom. Some parents are upset with the ban and say they can't afford to buy additional shoes for their kids. Teachers on the other hand believe the ban will only enhance the learning experience. And the students? Well, some said they can hide cellphones in running shoes just as easily.

Cellphone worse than bad teacher?

Speaking of cellphones in class, an Oklahoma ninth-grader snapped a photo of a snoozing substitute teacher with a cellphone last Friday at Mustang Mid-High School. The student was suspended for having a cellphone in class. But the move is not sitting well with some parents. "If anything, they should have been reprimanded for having a phone, but they probably took it to an extreme because they caught a teacher doing something they weren't supposed to be doing," parent Steven Graulich said. School officials said they won't discuss disciplinary action against students or staff.

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