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The NFL's Pro Bowl and NHL's All-Star Game will be played Sunday, making Sunday among the most irrelevant days in sports. Sorry, but the Pro Bowl and NHL All-Star Game just don't float our boat. Here is one opinion on the five worst sporting events.

1. Pro Bowl. No blitzing, no blocking of punts, intentional grounding is legal. We get that no one wants to get hurt, but this is a glorified practice, not a football game.

2. NHL All-Star Game. We love hockey. And yes, this is more of a celebration of the sport than an actual game. But there have been way too many 12-11 type games to make this enjoyable anymore.

3. Home Run Derby. If we hear Chris Berman yelling, "back ... back ... back'' one more time, it's going to get ugly up in here. Where's the appeal in watching players taking batting practice?

4. Triple-A All-Star Game. We pick on this game because it's always played the day after the MLB All-Star Game, and it's the only thing on TV that night. It's fun to watch for about six pitches. Then you start looking for Law & Order reruns.

5. MLB draft. You haven't heard of 99 percent of the players. There are no trades, and only in the rarest of instances does a drafted player step immediately into the big leagues.

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He said it

"I love basketball, but we've got some bad basketball teams in the NBA."

That's what TNT's Charles Barkley said during Thursday night's Inside the NBA. He's right. The Wizards and Bobcats have won three games (one Wizards wins came against the Bobcats) while the Hornets won their fourth on Friday. Twelve teams are playing below .400. On top of that, several teams considered championship contenders, including the Knicks (7-12) and Celtics (9-9), are floundering badly. Even the defending champion Mavericks, playing often without star Dirk Nowitzki, are only 12-8.

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Media tidbits

- A documentary on legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath debuts at 9 tonight on HBO. The 90-minute film, titled Namath, was produced by HBO Sports and NFL Films and will be shown at various times throughout the next several weeks on HBO's family of stations.

- ESPN kicks off more than 110 live hours of Super Bowl television and radio coverage from Indianapolis starting Monday. More than 25 on-air personalties, including those who have combined for 19 Super Bowl rings, will be on location.

- Meantime, the NFL Network kicks off more than 100 hours of live coverage from Indianapolis starting Monday. The network will have more than 30 analysts, reporters and hosts on location whohave combined for 18 Super Bowl rings.

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Three things that popped into my head

1. Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, as an American, absolutely has every right to boycott going to the White House to show his displeasure with the U.S. government. But maybe that means he should not be considered to represent the United States in international competitions, including the Olympics.

2. Sure, you feel a bit bad for the Rutgers kids who signed up to play for Greg Schiano. But are those criticizing Schiano suggesting he could have never taken another job?

3. Speaking of Schiano, what would have happened if he turned down the Bucs' offer? Would the Bucs really have offered the job to Mike Sherman?