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Ferris Bueller rides again; see the FULL commercial by Honda and read the sequel's script

Ferris Bueller, you're my hero. So are you Honda. And Matthew Broderick. And whoever else is responsible for this Super Bowl commercial for the new Honda CRV. (See? I even remember the model being advertised. That's an effective ad.)

Ferris, Matthew and Honda teased us a week ago with a short version of their Super Bowl commercial. We're left to assume this is the complete one. Is there more than one? Not sure. I can only hope so. It's the only reason I plan on tuning in on Sunday.

As for rumors that a real Ferris Bueller sequel is on the way, well, the script is ready and waiting for someone in Hollywood to take notice. Screenwriter Rick Rapier completed it years ago, and I still have a copy of it right here at my desk. About a year ago, we released the first 12 pages of the script. Earlier on, we released other scenes. (Here's one scene not many people have seen yet.) I know people have their doubts about the viability of a Ferris Bueller sequel, but all I can say is that I love what I see before me. At the very least, it should become a Web series. Give Rick a ring, Hollywood!

Posted by Steve Spears at 12:05:34 pm on January 30, 2012