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Machine Gun Kelly arrested after brawl in St. Petersburg

Published Jan. 31, 2012

More than a few rock stars have been arrested in the Tampa Bay region over the years. Anthrax's Scott Ian in 1997 ... rapper T.I. in 2003 ... Insane Clown Posse cohorts Twiztid and Blaze in 2011 ... heck, all the way back in 1970, the Doors' Jim Morrison was arrested for "public drunk" in Clearwater Beach.

Now you can add Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly to the list. Our sister blog The Juice* reports Kelly, a.k.a. 21-year-old Richard Baker, was arrested for "brawling" on Saturday night in St. Petersburg, following a sold-out show at the State Theatre.

For the Juice*'s full scoop on the incident, including Kelly's response, click here.

Screengrab: Mug Shots