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Rapper Machine Gun Kelly arrested after Saturday show at State Theatre in St. Petersburg

The Juice* regularly has to check our sister website, to see if any famous people were arrested locally, and what do you know? Rapper Machine Gun Kelly was busted after an apparent fight following his show at the State Theatre in St. Pete on Saturday. No wonder the thing was a sellout performance.

"Just spent my entire night in a f---ing Florida jail...s--- escaladed way to quick last night, it always does with us though," the 21-year-old, nee Richard Baker, said on Twitter via @machinegunkelly on Sunday. He added that his spinmaster, D.J. Xplosive, was apparently in the hospital after the fracas, which netted Baker a brawling charge (no wonder; look at his photo, below). "The weirdest part of it was how many inmates in there knew who I was and knew about the movement. It was some trippy s---. Lace the F--- up"

Police say the arrest happened at the Bishop Tavern down the street on Central Avenue, when Baker's manage, Andre Cisco grabbed a woman who was requesting a song from the second-floor DJ. A bouncer rolled up on Cisco, but then Xplosive, a.k.a. Anthony Jackson threatened the bouncer with a bottle of Grey Goose. A second bouncer grabbed the bottled and fought with Jackson, so Baker decided he needed to get involved. That's when he threw a champagne bottle, but ended up hitting his pal Jackson. Whoops.

As many as 75 people were caught up in the fight when cops showed up; Jackson tried to run but cops hit him with the Taser.

After his arrest around 4 a.m. Sunday, MGK sprang out of lockup with $100 bond. Jackson ended up having to post $900 and was also charged with disorderly conduct, plus simple battery and resisting arrest. If you want to know how the show went down, he also tweeted, "Broke my nuts and f---ed my ankle up during the f---in worth it. Florida went absolute ape s---" So that's probably worth a misdemeanor.

[Photo: Pinellas County Sheriff's Office]

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Posted by Joshua Gillin at 3:14:11 pm on January 30, 2012