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Scarlett Johansson may or may not be buying a home in London

Published Jan. 31, 2012

To hear the London tabloids tell it, Scarlett Johansson is so desperate to keep away from ex husband Ryan Reynolds and his now-unemployed girlfriend Blake Lively, she's willing to move to London to get some privacy. But then she'll have to dodge Madonna, so it really is a catch 22.

"Scarlett doesn't want any awkward run-ins with Ryan and Blake in New York,'" a supposed friend tells the U.K.'s Daily Mail, noting Scarlett met with a real estate agent. "She was always a little uncomfortable about the fact that Ryan and Blake worked together while she was still married to him. When Scarlett is in New York she keeps a low profile. She wants to give the whole party scene a miss. She's filming a movie called Under The Skin in Scotland at the moment but she is hoping to meet someone new. She adores British men and would love a place and a man in London."

Last time we checked, Scotland was a bit different than London, or even all of England, but what do we know? Except that it's likely she's using her millions to buy a home base across the pond instead of living out of suitcases all the time. That's been known to happen. Says her rep: "She is not making London her permanent base." Yeah, party house. Totally.

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Posted by Joshua Gillin at 3:51:57 pm on January 30, 2012