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Worker disciplined after leaving kitten in truck - June 16 article

I was so angry when I read the article about the kitten left in a vehicle by a worker at Animal Services.

The main objective of working for Animal Services is the animals you have in your care or the animals being picked up, hopefully, to hopefully find a new home.

Can you imagine what this little kitten went through after almost dying in a hot truck for a day and a half and then labeled as feral and not adoptable and killed anyway? What is going on?

I think Animal Services should be cleaned up, except for Officer Linda Christian, who I thank for being there at the right time. Hire new people who really want to help clean up animal abuse and give the animals a chance at least to get adopted.

Jeannie Bellm, Spring Hill

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Get rid of worker who neglected cat

My husband and I feel it's awful what Animal Services worker Michael Steele did. We feel he should be punished by being fired.

A pitiful kitten being left in a hot truck for 40 hours is inexcusable. We are cat foster parents and have room for more cats/kittens and this one could have been brought to us. We feel that if an animal is feral it can be loved into being a loving house pet.

Animal Services needs more dedicated volunteers, yes, but we have actually opened our lives and our kitty friendly barn to help with the over-population of cats.

Lori Church, Brooksville

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A plea for Family Visitation Center

Last week, a man shot and killed his ex-wife and then committed suicide in front of two children outside a Village Inn in Hillsborough County. This happened as the couple were exchanging custody of their child as ordered by the courts.

I work for a Family Visitation Center in another county. As of Jan. 1, our agency is no longer being funded by the state and, as a result, we can no longer handle these exchanges and supervised visits which must be closely monitored.

How many times must we read about custody battles turning deadly before the powers that be realize that our agency performs a much-needed service and let us go back to doing what we do best to protect the children and families we serve?

Debbie Grech, Spring Hill

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Don't wait to fight pesky mosquitoes

I read how our county is stepping up ahead in spraying for mosquitoes.

So, where are the trucks? Last time I saw one was last season, and even then, their visits were scarce. My husband and I make sure there is no standing water around, and had even purchased a home fogger to spray within our immediate area. It's not enough.

We did have a very mild winter and lots of recent heavy rain. The mosquito population is alive and well and having a full course meal on us daily, even with 40 percent DEET.

Got to love our tax dollars at work, Hernando.

Sheryl Spitzer, Masaryktown

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Re: Elected vs. appointed school superintendent

Appointed chief of schools is best

I am personally not in favor of electing our superintendent of schools.

To be elected, all it takes is being a registered voter and at least 18 years of age. No qualifications, no experience required. To be elected, a candidate must live in our county. That really reduces the field of eligible candidates. An appointed superintendent is selected from a field of qualified candidates throughout the country.

Leave politics out of the mix. Stick to appointing our superintendent of schools.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill

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Some facts about Flag Day's origin

June 14, 2012, has come and gone. That's a special day of the year for America. Back in 1916, then President Woodrow Wilson established Flag Day. It's the day set aside for Americans to pay their respect to the symbol of our nation - Old Glory.

Located on State Road 50 West, just outside of High Point, is American Legion Post 186 which held a ceremony honoring the American flag. There also was a flag retirement ceremony in a respectful and dignified manner. Thanks to a photojournalist from the Tampa Bay Times, Will Vragovic, for covering the event. With all the daily news of crime being reported, it is nice to see something good being reported as well. Job well done.

Only two organizations are actually authorized to retire the flag. They are the American Legion and the Boy Scouts of America.

As a service to the community, last year Post 186 retired more than 2,000 American Flags and so far, this year the number of flags retired stands at more than 1,000.

Phil Phillips, Brooksville

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Three presidents behind Flag Day

The letter writer didn't credit the presidents who set the stage for Richard Nixon's action regarding Father's Day.

The first president to recognize Father's Day was Calvin Coolidge in 1924. Then, in 1966, it was Lyndon Johnson who declared the third Sunday in June Father's Day by signing a presidential proclamation.

What Nixon did, was sign this proclamation into law in 1972.

Ilene Grim, Hudson

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