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New APR scores show continued progress for USF

The NCAA released a new set of Academic Progress Rate scores on Wednesday, and USF's numbers show continued progress in a positive direction, with no teams facing any sanctions at all.

In all, 15 of USF's 18 athletic teams made improvements from a year ago, with football -- up 10 points to 963 -- making the biggest three-year improvement out of 63 schools in BCS conferences; men's basketball, up 11 points to 948, has the third-best three-year improvement out of 73 teams in the six major conferences. And USF baseball jumped 36 points to 962, the biggest one-year improvement in the six major conferences and the third-best progress of any program in the country.

As reported earlier, three USF teams were recognized by the NCAA for scoring in the 10 percent nationally -- women's golf, women's tennis and volleyball, which all had perfect 1000 scores.

"It is a credit to our student services department and the student-athletes that we continue to see this strong level of improvement," athletic director Doug Woolard said in a statement. "Having success academically is of the utmost importance to our athletic department, and we will continue to strive for excellence in that area so the progress can continue."

USF football's 963 tied for the second-best score in the Big East, matching Connecticut and trailing only Rutgers (982). The rest of the league: Pittsburgh 955, West Virginia 953, Syracuse 950, Cincinnati 939 and Louisville 911. That score also ranks fourth in the state, behind Miami (980), UCF (974) and Florida (972). The rest of the state: Florida State 937, Bethune-Cookman 935, Florida International 934, Florida Atlantic 930, Jacksonville 923 and Florida A&M 922.

While USF's basketball programs continue to make progress, they still rank near the bottom of the Big East's standings -- the USF men's team's score ranked 13th out of 16 teams, while USF's women -- with a 931 score that is the lowest among USF's sports -- ranking 15th of 16.

Fans can check out USF's APR scores and compare them with other schools, conferences or states with a sortable database here.

Posted by Greg Auman at 3:25:09 pm on June 20, 2012