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Deal Diva Review: Candies beaded sandals

This summer we've been totally inundated with products. Companies send fashion and beauty stuff in big, busting boxes, hoping we'll review it on the blog. We've always gotten mail, but this season has been a little out of hand with the calls, e-mails and packages. I can't tell you how many well-meaning and polite PR folks I've snapped at with a friendly, "I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO LOOK AT IT YET TWITCH TWITCH." (Apologies.)

Now, if you're a fashion editor at say, Elle, these items likely go into a well-lit luxury closet where they are organized and stored for use in a fancy photo shoot or an elegant products roundup. If you're Deal Divas, they go here:

You're getting an exclusive glimpse into the Deal Divas Products Closet, a.k.a., the Cram Space Under My Desk Near The Abandoned Green M&M Dropped Three Months Ago. We place things here in hopes of being able to review them between our full-time reporting jobs. What we don't review goes to the company's charity sale at the end of the year to benefit our scholarship programs.

The Products Closet was serendipitious this week as my day got reeeeeeeaaal weird, sartorially speaking. First I had a formal-ish lunch, followed by blazing sun sweat reporting at some local hotel swimming pools. I wore a black tank top and cardigan over a cotton skirt. My plan was to lose the cardi and swap my heels for the flip-flops I keep in my car for such occasions, then head out to the pools. One problem. The flip-flops were not there.

What a perfect opportunity for a review!

Before dashing out, I grabbed these beaded sandals Kohl's sent over. They're really very pretty, and have been catching my eye for a few weeks now. They're only $14.40 in stores.

Kind of gorgeous, right?

I flipped them on and walked down the hall, immediately getting a compliment from a co-worker (a notorious shoe complimenter, but nice all the same). They were super comfortable, too. No rubbing or pulling or sliding. What a great review this would be!


By the time I got into the parking lot, this had already happened.

In fairness, I did have them stored in the Deal Divas Product Closet, possibly not optimal conditions. The good thing is, the gem is not just glued, it's also swen into place with clear fishing thread. A little dab of glue should fix these babies right up. If you want an inexpensive, jazzy sandal, these are a good option. Just check your gems first.

See anything under that desk you're dying for us to review? Let me know and I'll fast track it to the part of the ground next to the old Diet Coke bottle caps!

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: My iphone, Kohl's

Posted by Stephanie Hayes at 7:04:59 pm on June 21, 2012