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Majority of Hernando School Board members oppose moving to elected superintendent

BROOKSVILLE - The way Hernando picks its next school superintendent isn't likely to change anytime soon.

At least three of the School Board's five members have voiced opposition to a recent proposal by a School Board candidate to move from an appointed to an elected superintendent. The board's support would be needed to change the way the county's top educator is appointed.

Board members Dianne Bonfield, John Sweeney and Matt Foreman, the board's vice chairman, all said they don't support a change. They said it would make the position too political, reduce accountability and make it easier for unqualified candidates to win the position.

Said Foreman: "I believe a superintendent needs to be free from political pressure because the superintendent has to make hard decisions for the benefit of that organization. We already have an elected board whose job it is to oversee that superintendent."

Chairwoman Cynthia Moore said she saw advantages to both elected and appointed superintendents. She said she didn't know which one she'd rather work under.

The issue entered the discussion after School Board candidate Robert Neuhausen made it a central part of his campaign.

He said he thought an elected superintendent would mean more accountability.

"It's going to cause that person to address issues and answer questions in front of the public," he said.

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Posted by dvalentine at 6:08:41 pm on June 21, 2012