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Katy Perry has had enough of just being known as a glam, Kewpie-dollish pop superstar. Now she wants to be a glam, Kewpie-dollish pop superstar with her own music label. "I'm preparing for it now," she told the Hollywood Reporter. "And when this record label does come to fruition, I'm going to try and avoid the things that take away any fighting chance for an artist to have financial success. As people are coming to me with opportunities, I'm thinking, 'How would I want to be treated?' "

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Reality TV star busted

Another reality show star has been arrested, with Swamp People's Trapper Joe getting busted for allegedly trying to burn his girlfriend with a lit cigarette and punching her in the chest. This all happened in Florida, of course. Joe, a.k.a. Noces Joseph LaFont Jr. was taken in for assault in Orange County just after 12 a.m. Wednesday after arguing with his girl at the Buena Vista Hotel and Spa, TMZ reports. Both were apparently drunk, a witness said, and were arguing when Joe punched the woman in the chest, then shake her by the arms. The alleged victim, who isn't named, allegedly tried to grab Joe's phone when he was receiving a call to see who it was, but he tried to burn her with his lit smoke. He denies the accusation, but police arrested him and took him to the pokey for booking.