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Model Rose Costa pregnant with James Marsden's baby

It's been less than year since actor James Marsden split from his wife Lisa Linde, but he's already knocked up another woman. At least it was Brazilian model Rose Costa, right fellas? Yes, that's sexist and insensitive, but no more than Marsden getting another girl pregnant after being divorced in October.

The former X-Men star and current 30 Rock staple hooked up with the 24-year-old Costa in Miami a ways back, the New York Post reports. Apparently things went very well, since she later found out she was pregnant. Of course, that may be things going very poorly, depending on your point of view. Wait until he tries to explain that one to his two kids with Linde!

To make things worse, she apparently had been dating actor Chris Santos but moved to New York from L.A. for her career. She met Marsden out there and dated him, but reunited with Santos and moved in with him. That didn't stop her from doing the deed with Marsden during a two-day layover in Miami when she headed back to Brazil to renew her visa about three or four months ago. Talk about getting your passport stamped.

Santos confronted her about all this, so she broke down. "She confessed everything. She told him they hooked up one night, one time," an unnamed source told the Post. Costa moved out after the fight, the source said, although others told the tabloid they had split up before the Marsden shenanigans. James is going to have a very hard time paying all that child support just by working on that hot dog cart in 30 Rock.

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Posted by Joshua Gillin at 2:34:57 pm on June 22, 2012