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Romney's Hispanic team in Florida

Mitt Romney, who tried out a softer approach to immigration at a conference in Orlando yesterday, this morning announced leadership teams in 15 states under the banner Juntos con Romney, together with Romney.

Florida: Nancy Acevedo / Alex Acosta / Jorge Arrizurieta / Bertica Cabrera Morris / Cesar Calvet / Carlos Colon, Jr. / Remedios Diaz-Oliver / Zoraida Fonalledas / Justina Gonzalez-Martí / Luis Hernandez / Alci Maldonado / Jesse Manzano / Carlos Rey

"These state leadership teams will play a key role in making sure Hispanic voters know that they have an alternative come November," Romney said. "The Hispanic community has felt first-hand the devastating effects of President Obama's failed economic policies and broken immigration promises. Hispanic voters should know that I will work long and hard to earn their trust and vote. And, when I am elected president, I intend to keep all the promises I have made to them."

Posted by Alex Leary at 10:29:54 am on June 22, 2012