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Daughter of Bill McBride and Alex Sink weds

Published Jun. 25, 2012

From today's Times: Douglas Crawford was amused by the Florida girl's puka shell necklaces and Hollister T-shirts. Lexi McBride was the typical high-schooler from the Sunshine State, bronzed and flip-flopped.

Where he lived, in High Point, N.C., a city known as the headquarters of the furniture industry, the boys wore bow ties and the girls dressed plainly.

"I couldn't understand a boy in a bow tie," recalls Lexi, now 23.

Lexi's parents are Alex Sink, former banker and chief financial officer of the state of Florida, and Bill McBride, a lawyer, both of them former Democratic candidates for governor of Florida. Every summer they shipped her from their home in Thonotosassa to a sailing camp for girls called Sea Farer in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. In the summer of 2007, Lexi was promoted to camp counselor. Douglas, now 22, was also a counselor, in Sea Gull, the sailing camp for boys.

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Posted by Adam C. Smith at 1:42:44 pm on June 24, 2012