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FCAT official score reports now available: Do you care?

Third graders who scored Level 1 on the FCAT reading exam already got the call weeks ago letting them know their score, and the news of the possibility that they might be held back. Exit-level repeaters also found out if they would graduate or not, with their commencement long past.

But for many other children, report cards came without their official FCAT scores inside. The state had until mid-June to deliver the documents to the schools, and for many districts it took that long.

Hillsborough parents and guardians began getting the robo-calls on Monday that they could pick up their children's reports at school, with proof of identification. Scores won't be given over the phone. And they won't be mailed out (too expensive).

Here's the question: With all the emphasis being placed on scaling back Florida's reliance on the FCAT, how important is it to you to pick up your kids' scores? You know they've been promoted and assigned to next year's classes. Do the actual numbers matter?

(Palm Beach Post photo, 2010)

Posted by Jeff Solochek at 9:49:13 am on June 26, 2012