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Ariel Winter's mom was almost banned from 'Modern Family' set

More details about Ariel Winter's court battle with her mother are surfacing, thanks to the crack staff at TMZ. They never stop until all the muck has been raked, those guys. Now they're saying testimony at last month's court hearing revealed Ariel's mom Chrystal Workman was so despised on the set of Modern Family, the show sought to ban her from being there when her daughter was. She sounds like a lovely person, really.

Sources tell the site Workman was obsessed with how her daughter looked, saying her ears were too big and her clothes made her ugly, and refused to let her 14-year-old daughter eat anything but egg whites and raw vegetables. The crew was so concerned, they apparently snuck Ariel food from time to time, like the odd grilled cheese sandwich and such. Workman also allegedly complained Ariel didn't make enough to pay the family's bills, and said so quite a bit.

Court transcripts show Ariel's older sister, Shanelle Workman, who has temporary custody, had her lawyers tell the guardianship judge that Chrystal was "a terror on the set of Modern Family and that the producer and others there have expressed grave concern." Lawyers also said "The child is, apparently, struck repeatedly, slapped, hit, pushed, not so as to leave marks. Mother is smart enough not to do that."

Chrystal didn't care for that characterization, telling the judge, "She is an actress so I'm sure she can cry at the drop of a hat." That would explain why she deserved more money to pay all those bills then, huh? Chrystal told the judge that when she confronted Ariel about the 18-year-old boy her daughter was allegedly dating, Ariel threatened her and said she was going to make her pay. Somehow that version of events is becoming less and less believable as more information comes out.

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Posted by Joshua Gillin at 4:54:12 pm on November 13, 2012