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"Exasperated" NYC educator laments teachers' conditions

The "Exasperated Educator" is New York City teacher who blogs anonymously about life in the classroom. Looking for cheery words? Don't look here.

In a new blog post, Educator ponders over whether it's worse to be called a b***h by a student, or to be treated like one by the system teachers serve. Here's a brief snippet:

"Lest society as a whole think they are without sin, let us hold a mirror up to America's face. Hi America, here is what your stewardship of our economic and education system has wrought. In a recent Daily News article Juan Gonzalez revealed how employees at AIG enjoy many free perks. Perks such as free Snapple, Starbucks, soda, Tylenol and Advil. The company also buys breakfast and lunch several times a week for its employees. The insurance bastards, who were saved from bankruptcy by sucking $182 billion from the public teat, have funds for this nonsense but at Intermediate School Who Gives A F**k, teachers have to buy their own paper. What the hell, America? Get your priorities straight. Teachers who want to take their students on a trip to the theatre, ballet or Statue of Liberty must beg at the altar of Donors Choose because there is no money for such unholy 'extras' but inept corporations (of which we still own 52%) get no oversight. B***h."

Diane Ravitch writes that the author is a top-notch young teacher who disdains as meaningless the top ratings she receives from the school district. Check out the full blog post here. Your views?

Posted by Jeff Solochek at 9:24:12 am on November 13, 2012