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The mother of all HomeTeam Pick-Ems is here to nurse you through the first round of the football playoffs

Published Nov. 14, 2012

Here we go, kids. Round One of the HomeTeam Playoff Spectacular.

Is this harder than usual? Is it more difficult? Does it require more work, more preparation, more focus?


So anyway, get your picks in. If I have everyone's in early enough, say by Friday afternoon, I'll see about finding a way to list everyone's picks so you can see how your opponent is doing. If you want. Let me know in the Comments.

Otherwise, you can just wait until I get around to tabulation. Suspense!

While the top 32 folks in our seasonlong competition are in the playoffs and their own little special bracket, feel free to play for fun. I'll shout-out the Non-Playoff winner for kicks, and make fun of all the playoff teams he/she outscores.

If there are any questions, or anyone notices any mistakes or glaring holes (me? screw up a form?) in this playoff entry, give a brotha a holla at

Get some!

Posted by cotey at 10:01:06 am on November 13, 2012