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I have to congratulate Pasco County Commissioner Pat Mulieri for her dedication and compassion for the animals at Pasco County Animal Shelter in Land O'Lakes.

I have been a critic of the care and management of the shelter for many months. Many adoptable and healthy animals have been euthanized for no reason, with little effort to find them homes.

After last week's County Commission meeting, change is on the way. The county approved a plan for a 90 percent live release rate. Compared to the once-dismal 19 percent rate of 2011, this is a great victory for all involved. The dreaded building C is being remodeled with air conditioning added to the once-horrendous conditions for these helpless animals.

It will mean community effort and volunteer involvement to make this work. I work with a wonderful group of passionate people who work day and night to find adopters and rescues. Please spay and neuter your pets. Again, thanks to Commissioner Mulieri for her passion.

Susan Squires,Port Richey

* * *

Voters now want government to act

Thank you to the hundreds of Democratic volunteers who made the phone calls and knocked on the doors. The president's 71,000-vote victory in Florida is testimony to how important your efforts were.

Thank you to: our local candidates who knowingly and willingly faced great odds; the staff of the Supervisor of Elections Office and Brian Corley for a job well done; those donors who repeatedly replaced stolen signs and donated in record amounts, and most importantly to the voters who made democracy work.

It is a fact that overwhelmingly the candidate with the most money wins. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling has impacted State and local election dramatically. The large influx of out-of-county money influenced the Pasco election. Republican candidates for local county offices, (not state or federal) spent $770,210 while Democratic candidates spent $138,000. In all, $1,121,784 was spent to influence the vote for local candidates.

There is an outpouring of concern over the control of the democratic process going to the highest donor or richest candidate. Times may not be a-changing fast enough but at least the undue influence of money in politics has reached a level of concern even at the local level.

Pasco voters now want to know "where's the beef?'' They are tired of ideological-based politics. They want local and state government that is responsive to their needs. They have learned that tax cuts accompanied by fee increases, privatization leading to less service and increased costs, while rewarding big political donors is not in their best interest. They do not want more government, they want more responsive government.

Voters in Pasco want better schools, insurance premium relief and a local government that provides infrastructure to support a quality of life that attracts residents and employers.

Lynn W. Lindeman,Hudson,chairman, Pasco Democratic Executive Committee

* * *

Elections chief, staff did great job

I congratulate Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley and his terrific staff for doing a great job with the election. The Pasco results were completed by 11 p.m. election night and the lines were not bad at all.

I filed to run for Mosquito Control in March. Mr. Corley's staff was always available to help answer questions. I was always treated with respect from his staff and, although I did not win my race, I found the experience to be great. Mr. Corley's staff is the most pleasant government staff I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. We are lucky to have such great public employees here in Pasco.

Shanon "Randy" Holm, Land O'Lakes