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BY AMELIA GOLDSTEIN - Palm Harbour University High

Weezer (with Irish alternative punk band Ash) stopped by the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg last week, kicking off with the familiar My Name Is Jonas to please an adoring crowd. During Troublemaker and Keep Fishin', Rivers Cuomo left the stage to stand on top of a wall and balcony to take in the screaming audience. A huge illuminated "W" presided over the last song, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. Encore numbers (Buddy Holly and The Sweater Song) and then a nearly two-minute drum extravaganza ended an amazing evening.

* * *

Hair- and height-challenged?

For more than 50 years, James Bond has reigned over spy films, from his cold and dark persona to his sleek cars (Aston Martins) to his high-tech gadgets (laser watch and safe cracker). Five actors have played Ian Fleming's spy, with Daniel Craig the latest Bond incarnation in Skyfall.

Most people would vote for Sean Connery, the first Bond, or Craig, the latest, as their favorite. Here are some things to consider before casting your allegiance to one or the other:

- Connery, who made his first appearance as the spy in the first movie, Dr. No, depicted Bond with a great combination of cool, class and cold-bloodedness. He presented himself as a skilled and ruthless assassin with a license to kill.

But come on. Sean Connery wore a toupee in every Bond movie, as he started to lose hair at the age of 21. How suave is a toupee?

- Craig brings a lot of grit, strength and depth to his interpretation, which is very close to Fleming's literary character. Craig portrays a torn and exposed Bond, the darkest ever. He is also the shortest Bond ever. - SURYA BALAJI Middleton High

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HOLD ON TO THIS ISSUE! We'll be shoved up to the Thanksgiving table just like you next week, so don't look for tb-two*on Nov. 22. (There's no school next week, so if you are looking for us in print you've got problems. Do visit, though.) We'll be back Nov. 29.

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Especially for geeks


While non-nerds can find video game characters they know in Wreck-It Ralph, Disney doesn't disappoint the geek with merely a few measly cameos. Those born with a controller in hand will find references from almost any company's games, iconic or not.

For those of you with a less refined gaming palate, here's a list of the more obscure cameos in Wreck-It Ralph. Now you can play "Where's Mario?" with the rest of us.

- Although not exactly a 12-step program for fighting-game mascots, the Antagonist Anonymous meeting is full of video game baddies. Keep watch for M. Bison and Zangief of Capcom's Street Fighter fame, Kano from Warner Bros's Mortal Kombat, and Cyril, a zombie from Sega's House of the Dead.

- No, the bartender isn't Mario in a suit. He hails from Tapper, a 1980s arcade cabinet game, where the goal is to serve up drinks to guests. Bonus points if you can find and name all the signed pictures of his famous patrons, including Tails from the Sonic series and an Atari Space Invader.

- While everyone and their grandma will recognize Sonic during his moments on the silver screen, most will misunderstand his public service announcement about the consequences of dying in a game that's not your own. It pays homage to the Sonic the Hedgehog animated cartoons, where Sonic would host a "Sonic Says" intermission, to teach younger viewers safety tips.

- Game Central Station is a nerd's greatest dream, housing tons of references. If you've studied the princesses of the Mushroom Kingdom, you'll spot lesser-known Daisy and Rosalina.Dig Dug and Frogger from Atari's golden age also make appearances. Check the graffiti on the walls and you'll find phrases such as "Aerith lives" from Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII or "Jenkins," the Internet meme with roots in the MMORPG World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment.

- Just because you don't see a character doesn't mean she isn't in Wreck-It Ralph. When questioned by a Circuit Breaker, Ralph claims to be Lara Croft, the protagonist from Square Enix's Tomb Raider. Vanellope utters a rather hypocritical remark when making fun of Ralph, calling him a "grumpy GLaDOS," the sassy and just as glitchy robot antagonist from VALVe's Portal series.

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The twilight of 'Twilight'

We won't reveal her name, but one of our adult colleagues from the Times has a life-size cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen. He's a little shopworn (he posed for a tb-two* cover and photo spread last year; he spent time in the trunk of a car, the closest thing we had to a coffin) but he still turns heads in the office. Editors at Twilight Tribute magazine (published by TOPIX Media Lab) suggest you might want to acquire your own life-size Edward stand-in (several versions available at, starting at $25) to bring to the movie theater. (You'd have to sit in the back row, so he wouldn't block anyone's view.) The magazine also suggests you might like to snuggle with a Twilight cast throw blanket while you wait in line at the theater (, $28) or invest in a jar of Stardust body glitter ($8 at Is this the end of Twilight, or the end of civilization? - tb-two* staff