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Published Nov. 19, 2012

Alrighty folks, we've lost our No. 1 seed, he has decided, after forgetting to get picks in for Thursday's game, to bail. That opens the door for No. 33 on-the-bubble BryanSLU to step in and take on No. 32-seed Jeff Odom.

That's the bad news. The good news, I have a box of t-shirts headed my way from the Times' Mother Ship in St. Petersburg. So many of you will be rewarded for your efforts. I'm even going to give out a t-shirt to the high score this week, whether you are in the playoffs or not.

Back to the playoffs:

Some of you entered well after the Thursday night game was in progress. Those that got in a few minutes late I have bestowed some mercy upon, but those that got those entries in way late obviously will be starting the week 0-2. But that shouldn't dampen your hopes too much, because if you're lucky, the person you went up against picked Anclote (11 of you did ) or the Sharks to have more rushing yards (16 of you did), so keep on keeping on.

I still have three stragglers, so there's a good chance I'll be digging into the bubble for more replacements. I don't know what is wrong with you people. So CBurgos, YoungOne, RJ, Derrick B., make sure your picks are in and keep your fingers crossed. And if you're not in, I'd get em in. You have more of a chance at 0-2 after Thursday than you do at 0-0 without an entry in.

Also, I'm not digging too deep into the bubble, so in the event we have others that decide not to play, I will turn that bracket into a 3-way battle. The top two scores will move on. I figure that's only fair, because if Team A beats Team B 36-35, but Team C gets 29 but has a bye, that's hardly fair.

Plus, it's my Pick-Em, my rules. Commisioner and all. I rule with a firm, but fair hand. Or something like that. But it's hardly unfair, because if you win your game you'd advance anyway. No free rides into the second round.

I wrote two (now 3) blogposts, sent out 3 reminders on Twitter, I have even emailed some of you, I can't come to your house and do your picks for you. I have a job, and this Pick-Em beast I created isn't even one of them. This is just a labor of love. Some of it -- judging by those who have quit or failed to enter picks this week -- unrequited.

Yes. That was an emoticon. I'm opening up to you. Don't laugh.

I don't have time to lay out everyone's match-ups, but if you're dying to know what picks you differ from your opponent on, email me. I'll try to hook ya up.

Also, get at I'll be posting how the entries picked this week. Like, for example, all 41 players picked Plant to win this week. There's more.

Posted by cotey at 12:54:15 pm on November 16, 2012