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Published Nov. 20, 2012

Two women face child neglect charges after police said they left their children in conditions that officials described as "abhorrent."

Kaytrena Speights, 32, and Kelly Wayt, 28, were arrested Friday, hours after police said a woman driving past their home at 858 35th Ave. S spotted a group of young children alone out front. The children, three girls and a boy ranging from 2 to 6 years old, were arm-in-arm, crying and shivering. The motorist stopped, stayed with the children and called police. When police got inside the home, they found several adults sleeping.

They also found terrible living conditions, police spokesman Mike Puetz said. Puetz said there was broken glass on the floor and in the shower and dog feces in many places. Candles were burning because there was no heat. The water worked only for flushing toilets, he said, and those were leaking.

Puetz said Speights returned and told police she had been out that morning dropping her other five children off at school and getting assistance to get her power restored.

Speights said she had left her remaining children in the care of Wayt, one of the adults officers said had been sleeping. But Wayt, whose son had been outside, disputed that version.

Police arrested both women. Records show Speights was released on her own recognizance. Wayt, who also faces a probation violation charge from Levy County, remained in jail Monday in lieu of $25,000 bail.