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Published Apr. 25, 2013

Are you a journalism junkie who knows your world and ours would be better if you were on next year's tb-two* staff?

We're looking for people who like to think outside the box, can communicate well face to face, in print and on social media, and think visually. But before you apply, take this little quiz.

1. My brain is:

a) Full of ideas for stories

b) A vast wasteland

2. I think deadlines are:

a) To be honored at all costs

b) What zombies say

3. Talking to new people is:

a) The adventure of a lifetime

b) Agony

4. Journalism is:

a) The foundation of quality communication

b) A condition whose sufferers can't stop writing about themselves

If you answered "b" to any of these questions, please do not apply. If "a" was your answer to all four, bring it on! Go to and fill out the online application. Deadline: May 26, with staff to be announced in early June.