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Published Apr. 26, 2013


The Chicago-born DOCO, a.k.a. Donovan Coley Jr., is a producer and songwriter who has worked with big-name DJs. In 2012, he released an EP, In The Sky, though you may have heard his single Bathing Suit, featuring Jules Vegas. He got into DJ'ing a few years ago and has become a staple at venues like the Bulls Club, Hyde Park Cafe and the Amphitheatre, where he mans AMP!D Saturdays.

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DJ Fader

One of Central Florida's most revered and imaginative hip-hop DJs, Fader has opened for everyone from the Wu-Tang Clan to the Roots. Along with influential Tampa DJ Sandman, Fader, a.k.a. "The Rotten Orange," has been scratching and spinning for 25 years, including a seven-year stint at Masquerade, now the Ritz Ybor.

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Last summer, DJ Charles Ku was a finalist in the Red Bull Thre3Style National Title in Orlando. To win the regional competition, he had to perform a 15-minute set containing three genres. He chose rock, house and hip-hop - his favorite. "He's one of the best mashup DJs in the area," said Carlos Corcho, a.k.a. DJ Chang Bang. Follow him on Twitter @djku.

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Mr. Saturn

Defining "dubstep" has been a tricky proposition for a while now, but the fact that two of Mr. Saturn's listed influences are Slipknot and Aphex Twin should tell you a lot. Along with Nerd Rage, Mr. Saturn is one of the residents at the Amphitheatre's weekly dubstep night, # ("Pound").

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Pivotal Movement

Ryan Mitchell has dabbled in a handful of trippy and electronic outfits, like the jazzy band The New Math and Force of Change, a collaboration with New York musician Tony Grund. His mostly solo material is released via the moniker Pivotal Movement. Force of Change and Pivotal Movement remixes of songs by Bombay Dub Orchestra have received national releases, and last year, the Force of Change mix of their Monsoon Malabar was in rotation on BBC Radio's Friction program. "Basically, I strive for electro-organic sonic elements," he said in an email. "I am a lover of classical and symphonic textures, and I think that shows through a lot of my music."

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DJ Spinatik

USF grad calls himself "Tha Wax Wizard," but a better title might be "Tha Mixtape Wizard." He boasts more than 100. He has connections in high places - he toured Europe with Fat Joe - but he keeps his hometown on lock on Mondays at the Kennedy.