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Pregnant Princess Kate gets dotty

As if we didn't have enough reasons to admire Kate, Kate Middleton, not-quite Princess Kate, Kate Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa's sister, (take THAT, Search Engine Optimization!), she is making being laden with child look easy, like a trip to a Paris bistro in the middle of May, like a stroll through the park on a summer's afternoon. We know it's not REALLY like that. Kate has famously had a pretty uncomfortable pregnancy with loads of sickness, so it's good to see her out and about smiling.

She of course set off an international frenzy Friday when she and the hubs toured Warner Brothers Studio near London, scoping out Harry Potter props in a polka dot dress from british brand Topshop, priced less than $60. The UK Mail Online reports that the frock has already sold out. No surprise there. Her jacket, we hear, is Ralph Lauren.

Polka dots just happen to be one of my favorites. There are many, many, MANY differences between the Duchess and I, not the least of which is about nine inches of leg and a husband who is a prince. But I am proud to say we were on some kind of polka dot wavelength this week. I wore my pink polka dot Lauren Conrad for Kohl's dress Monday, coupled with a pair of silver and black Chinese Laundry polka dot shoes (see the picture in the slideshow above). At first, when I put on the dress, I thought, "There's no way I could wear my polka dot shoes at the SAME TIME." And then I said to myself, "I can do whatever I want, YOLO." And so it came to pass.

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Dots are a retro look, flattering on just about anyone because they camo a host of sins or boldly call attention to your rad baby bump. They say, "I'm down for a soda pop! Let's share a straw!" Since the Topshop frock is already dunzo, check out a few alteratives from Forever 21, Old Navy, ModCloth and JCP in the slideshow.

I hope Kate is genuinely feeling good and not just putting on a brave face while the funky smells from that big Hagrid suit make her insides churn for dear life. We stand with you, Kate.