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Sharrif Floyd surprised by Vikings selection

Published Apr. 29, 2013

Former Florida DT Sharrif Floyd said he was caught by surprise when the Minnesota Vikings decided to draft him at No. 23 in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday night.

Floyd, who had been projected by some analysts as a top five pick, watched two other DT's get drafted before he was selected.

"I got out there for the combine, met them out there,'' Floyd said. "Pro Day, he (coach Leslie Frazier) came. A member of the Vikings came to my Pro Day, and I got out there for a 30‑30 visit. I sat down with Coach Frazier. We talked a little bit. This pick is shocking to me. I didn't know, but I'm glad to be a part of it."

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Floyd insisted he doesn't view the 23rd selection as a dramatic slide, but considers being a first-round selection an overall blessing.

"Extremely blessed to be with the Minnesota Vikings,'' he said. "I'm not looking at it as if I fell or anything. Coming in, I didn't look at it as I'm going one or going three or anything. I looked at it I'm going to the club that sees me best fit."