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When I was a little girl, manicures were simple. There were basically two options: Tinker Bell peel-off polish and the ever-popular "marker" manicure, customized with the hottest marker hues from my pencil box.

My, how manis have changed. From apps that help coordinate polish and clothing to nail polish subscription clubs, there's a whole new world of options for today's lacquer lovers.

Rent to own

The dress is borrowed from The bag is on loan from And now, thanks to, you can play with polish trends without ever actually owning a bottle. That's because Lacquerous members pay $18 per month to borrow three shades every 30 days from brands such as Chanel, Nars, Tom Ford and Butter London.

Keep in mind that, just like last week's manicure, this polish won't last forever. At the end of 30 days, polishes must be returned to Lacquerous, where, according to the company's website, bottles are inspected for "cleanliness and quality" before being shipped off to the next subscriber.

Unlimited use, however, is not an option. Borrowed lacquers are not to be used more than three times during each monthlong rental. No word on how many coats can be applied with each use.

If you don't share well with others, another option for a monthly dose of manicure inspiration is Similar to beauty subscription services such as Birchbox and Sample Society from Allure magazine, this nail-art subscription service delivers a monthly box full of products that are yours to keep ($9.95 per month). Each box contains four to six products such as nail-art embellishments, spikes, studs, sticker decals, nail-art brushes and charms.

Technology for your 10 tips

China Glaze and its must-have manicure app, which is free for iPhone, iPad and iPod, makes it possible to snap a quick picture of your outfit, your shoes or even your cocktail and find a complementary hue of China Glaze polish. Another app, called Nailstagram, organizes and tags Instagram pictures for aficionados in search of inspiration. Those who love nail art but don't have it mastered will adore a free app called Nail Designs, which offers tutorials and video how-tos that can be done in 10 minutes or less. Which makes moving beyond a one color manicure into something more creative so easy, even Tinker Bell would call it magic.