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Make it three: QB Daniels picked by 49ers

USF quarterback B.J. Daniels, whose senior year was cut short by an ankle injury in November, was drafted Saturday in the seventh round, going to the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers.

Daniels, who finished his USF career with more than 10,000 yards of total offense, has a chance to be reunited with former USF coach Jim Leavitt, now the 49ers' linebackers coach. Daniels' dual-threat nature, as a danger to run or throw, is well-suited for Jim Harbaugh's offense in San Francisco.

Daniels is the first USF quarterback ever taken in the NFL draft, and the Bulls' first offensive player drafted since 2010. Most of USF's previous draft picks have been on defense -- only four have come on offense, while 17 have been on offense and one on special teams.

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