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Full text of umpire Tom Hallion's comments

Published Apr. 29, 2013

Quotes from HP umpire/crew chief Tom Hallion from Marc Topkin, Tampa Bay Times

(On price saying Hallion said to throw the ball over the f-in plate)

"I'll come right out bluntly and say he's a liar.''

(did price say anything to you?)

"He might not have said anything but he certainly gave enough body language to insinuate that he was pissed off.''

(Price said it was wrong of you to say what you said, and if you denied it you were a liar)

"I'm denying what he said I said, pretty strongly.''

(do you recall what you did say?)

"I said, "Just throw the ball." That's all I said to him'

(why was hellickson ejected?)

"He was told to knock it off, him and Morse (Moore) were at the dugout rail and I told them to knock it off, and he thought it was okay for him to have his final comment, at which time he was ejected.''

(so is this a he-said, she-said type of thing?)

"I'm just telling you, he's lying. It's plain and simple.''