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Price, umpire swap accusations

Published Apr. 29, 2013

UPDATE, 7:24: Here is some more from Price:

"I don't know what he thinks he heard, you can ask anybody that was sitting in the dugout and they all erupted as they should have when you hear an umpire speak to a player that way, something has to be done about that, and that's why i told you guys. That's terrible. If my own dad doesn't speak to me that way, some frickin umpire's not going to speak to me that way. He wouldn't say it to me off the field.'

Had he had trouble with Hallion before? "I dont even know his name,'' Price said.

DEVELOPING: The Rays' 8-3 Sunday victory was followed by controversy as Rays pitcher David Price claimed home plate umpire Tom Hallion cursed at him and Hallion denied it.

Price said as he was walking off the field after the 7th inning, Hallion told him to "throw the ball over the f-ing plate." Price said he hadn't said anything to Hallion, and that for Hallion to do so was "terrible.''

"For him to talk to me that way, no ...,'' Price said. "Something has to be done about that."

Hallion, however, told a pool reporter he did not curse and that Price was lying.

"I'll come right out bluntly and say he's a liar,'' Hallion said, voice raised. "I'm denying what he said I said, pretty strongly.''

Hallion said he presented a less offensive version: "I said, "Just throw the ball." That's all I said to him'

Price was informed of Hallion's reaction and stuck by his story, saying Hallion was the one lying.

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Price also took to his Twitter account, with these two posts:

Someone give me the definition of a coward please

Someone please give me the definition of accountability...

That still raises a question why Hallion approached Price at all. Hallion acknowledged Price didn't say anything to him walking off the field, but that it was obvious he didn't agree with Hallion's calls.

"He might not have said anything but he certainly gave enough body language to insinuate that he was pissed off,'' Hallion said.

As for ejecting Jeremy Hellickson, who was among a number of Rays in the dugout reacting to the situation?

"He was told to knock it off, him and Morse (Moore) were at the dugout rail and I told them to knock it off,'' Hallion said, "And he thought it was okay for him to have his final comment, at which time he was ejected.''