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Country singer Jason Aldean, Jessica Ussery are getting divorced

For anyone out there keeping notes, it's generally pretty hard to stay married when you cheat on your spouse. Someone who knows that is country singer Jason Aldean, who is divorcing his wife of 11 years.

Aldean and Jessica Ussery, who have two kids together, filed in Tennessee on Friday, TMZ reports. That's when he announced he and his wife were separating and his rep said they were "having problems." That's pretty obvious, because he was caught smooching American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr in L.A. back in September.

The pair tried to make it work, but when you're out kissing reality show contestants, you can pretty much sign the closing papers on that split. Sure, Aldean listed the reason as irreconcilable differences, but when the difference is you wanting to hook up with other women, well, better call your attorney, because it's going to cost you.

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