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Dan DeWitt column: Absurd idea of Rep. Rob Schenck as campaign reformer

Tampa Bay Times columnist Dan DeWitt calls out Rep. Rob Schenck for his record on campaign finance reform. To sum up from DeWitt: It's a joke. Read the column here. This is an excerpt:

Let's start with the sheer volumes of cash.

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Schenck's regular campaign account for last year's election stockpiled $276,000 in cash, almost none of it from grateful folks in his home district, almost all of it from political and corporate interests.

He also had a Committee of Continuous Existence, or CCE, one of those slush funds you've heard about, called Conservatives for a Better Tomorrow.

For most of the time Schenck ran it (he pulled out in January) he served as chairman of the House Health and Human Services Committee, meaning he was able to accumulate a lot of slush — $220,750, most of it from companies or political organizations in the medical field.

One of the largest recipients of money from this fund was Mike Schenck, Rob Schenck's college-age cousin, who served as a "grass roots sort of campaign guy for me," Rob Schenck told Mary Ellen Klas, of the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee Bureau, in an interview earlier this month.

No, he wrote later in an email, responding to followup questions: "I misspoke."

"(Mike Schenck's) responsibilities in that capacity were limited to managing the CCE's resources."