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MLB investigating; Rays players could be disciplined for tweets

UPDATE, 1:27: MLB officials are looking into Sunday's incident and accusations between Price and Hallion. The ultimate decision on any discipline would come from Joe Torre, along with input from Peter Woodfork and Joe Garagiola Jr.

Disciplining Hallion is one possibility - based on the initial accusation of cursing at Price, and then if that is found to be true for then calling Price a liar.

But Price and several other Rays players, such as Jeremy Hellickson and Matt Moore, could also be disciplined for violating MLB's social media policy given their tweets after the game.

The MLB policy, introduced last year, specifies that players may not display or transmit "content that questions the impartiality of or otherwise denigrates a Major League umpire."

Among the tweets:

From Price:

Someone give me the definition of a coward please

Someone please give me the definition of accountability...

Think our entire dugout would ERUPT cause an ump told me to throw the ball over the plate? No, I'm sorry that wouldnt happen #accountability

From Hellickson:

There's only one person lying about all this and his name starts with a T and rhymes with pom

From Moore, the team player rep:

Unbelievable someone would mis remember so quickly. Stay in your lane. Nobody cares what you have to say. #tom

It's not clear yet how quickly MLB will act on the situation.

DEVELOPING: By the end of Sunday night, Rays pitcher David Price posted on his Twitter account that he was still upset about the issue with umpire Tom Hallion but was ready to move on:

I know where my character stands...honestly that's what makes me the most mad about the's over now lets move on...#162strong

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— David Price (@DAVIDprice14) April 29, 2013