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Monday lost and found: Scandal's 'Love's Got A Line On You'

Published Apr. 30, 2013

In 1982, Scandal and their lead singer Patty Smyth released their first single Goodbye to You that garnered a little chart success, peaking at No. 65, but was a MTV smash. Since we all remembered it so fondly when the '80s music revival started, Goodbye to You has grown into an iconic go-to song of the '80s that most think was a monster hit.

The second single off Scandal's self-titled EP was Love's Got A Line On You that charted a little higher than Goodbye To You, landing at No. 59 in 1983.

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In 1982, Scandal recorded a demo video for Love's Got A Line On You that will feature a familiar face. Yes, you're right, that's Clem Burke of Blondie on drums! Is there someone else? Oh yes, on the left playing rhythm guitar is some guy named Jon Bon Jovi. At the time, Jon Bon Jovi was only 20 years old, not an official member of Scandal and two years away from charting with Runaway. As Scandal made waves with Goodbye To You, the band filmed and released a second and official video for Love's Got A Line On You, sans Bon Jovi.

I still like the demo version better as I think to shows the dreaminess of Patty Smyth that cast a spell over many of us teenage boys in the '80s. Scandal would later score a monster hit in Smyth's last hurrah with The Warrior before starting her successful solo career. Smyth was an early interviewee on SIT80s podcast and is still married to tennis bad boy John McEnroe.

- Kevin Wuench