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Price hasn't heard from MLB yet, still upset at ump's language

Published May 2, 2013

UPDATE, 7:14: Madddon seemed more upset with Hallion's post-game comments, in which he told a pool reporter that Price was a liar, than what we said on the field. "I would have to believe if he's given another opportunity he might want to rephrase what he said or how he said it,'' Maddon said. "Of course that's a very strong thing to say to anybody. ... I think anybody would agree that's not the right way to go about that. .. Of course that's an inappropriate comment.''

As for the alleged on-field comment, Maddon said emotions are such that a lot of things are said on the field and he didn't advocate major discipline against Hallion. "For me, I don't know that that's a suspendable kind of a thing,'' Maddon said. "I think that's something that maybe more needs to be talked out among parties, something like that.''

UPDATE, 7:10: Rays manager Joe Maddon said he was not aware at the time of his postgame media session on exactly what had transpired between Price and Hallion which is why he didn't address it, and further that his big regret is not being more proactive in trying to de-fuse the situation. "I take a lot of responsibility in that moment by not being more proactive and getting out there sooner,'' he said. "I didn't read it right and I should have read it better. I really believe that and I was upset with myself.''

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DEVELOPING: Rays LHP David Price said Tuesday he has not heard from MLB officials yet in regard to Sunday's incident with Tom Hallion and said his issue was totally about what Hallion said to him and not how he called the game. Also, that the ESPN video clip of him leaving the field distorts what happened.

Price claimed that when he walking off the field after the seventh inning, Hallion – unprovoked – yelled at him "to throw the ball over the f-ing plate." Hallion admitted addressing Price but was adamant that he didn't curse and called Price "a liar" for saying he did.

"You can't talk to people that way, period,'' Price said Tuesday. "That was my whole thing. It wasn't the strike call. It wasn't any of that. It had nothing to do with the calls that he made.

"It's what he said. That's the grand picture. I know that gets misconstrued on ESPN because on the video when they show it, it looks like I am saying something to him first, and that's conmpletely wrong. That's completely wrong. I didnt look up until he said what he said, and our entire dugout knows that. I have these guys on my team, that's all I need.''

When asked, Price stopped short of saying Hallion should be disciplined, answering: "Whether they discipline him or not, that's just not the way to talk to people. It's not.''

Price said he didn't think he or any of the other Rays should be fined, but also that he was not aware of MLB's social media that prohibits players from posting content "that questions the impartiality of or otherwise denigrates a Major League umpire.''

Price said he wouldn't have any issue next time Hallion works one of his games, and that he has "moved on" from the incident.

Rays RHP Jeremy Hellickson, who was ejected for reacting to Hallion's comments and also tweeted about him, also has not heard from MLB.