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Education bills head to Gov. Rick Scott's desk

Published May 2, 2013

With days left in session, the Florida Legislature continues to adopt new regulations for public schools. Many haven't received the spotlight, unlike new rules on graduation requirements and anti-bullying, but they'll make a difference in the way schools and districts operate.

Among those heading to Gov. Rick Scott for his final decision whether to make them law:

SB 284 - Requires districts to keep more updated emergency response policies. Also allows schools to keep EpiPens on hand for students who require them.

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HB 801 - Requires all school guidance counselors to be certified counselors.

HB 21 - Creates a uniform state identification system for school district contractors

HB 7089 - Exempts from public records laws personal identifying information about participants in school meal programs

Final debate still awaits the education budget and implementing language, where decisions on teacher raises, tutoring and other hot topics must be made. See the latest implementing bill, FEFP run and bandwidth support report as the lawmakers move closer to adoption. Per student funding continues to rise ($6,778 for next year, compared to $6,374 this year), but it remains below peak funding from 2007-08.