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Published May 1, 2013

Congress acts quickly to ease flight delays - April 27

Why does it not surprise me that the FAA received from Congress the necessary funding so that the air traffic controllers would all be back to work in time for Congress to recess for a week. How inconvenient it would have been for them to have to wait in line or sit in an aircraft waiting to take off or land due to a lack of air traffic controllers due to the sequester. So naturally, looking out for themselves, they fixed that singular problem - the only problem they seem to have fixed in recent memory.

After 90 percent of the country wanted the gun control legislation passed, our "cowards of the Congress" did nothing, but if they were going to be inconvenienced on their airplane ride home, well, "giddy up, guys, let's fix that problem, right quick."

How pathetic they are; and they call themselves leaders. I don't think so.

Rosanne Paris, Palm Harbor

* * *

Federal worker recognition

They protect and serve

Across the country, government employees protect and serve our nation. To honor these workers and their service, May 5-11 has been designated as Public Service Recognition Week.

I want to express my support for the 290,000 active and retired federal workers in Florida.

If you checked the weather forecast before going outside this morning, thank the federal employees at the National Weather Service who alert us to impending storms. If your child played with a toy today, thank the federal employees at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission who administer our toy safety standards. If you travel to a national park this summer, thank the park rangers who help families create lifetime memories.

Many of the services on which Florida residents rely are made possible by America's federal workforce. We probably don't realize all that our federal-worker neighbors do for us, but I hope they know that we appreciate their service to our country.

Ken Thomas, president, NARFE Florida Inc., Spring Hill

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Rare common bond on full display April 26

Not American values

Former President George W. Bush said that his library would show that he stayed true to his values. Which values were these? The ones that led him to disgrace America by authorizing torture? Or the ones that made him a criminal by illegally wiretapping citizens? Or the ones that allowed him to ignore the Constitution by holding citizens in indefinite detention? Or perhaps his lying to get us into a war in Iraq that resulted in thousands of U.S. deaths and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths?

Christopher Radulich, Apollo Beach

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Jim Morin cartoon - April 27

An inane image

In reference to the George W. Bush Library cartoon in the Saturday edition, maybe Jim Morin of the Miami Herald should consider changing his name to Jim Moron. The cartoon also speaks ill of your biased newspaper.

Mel Elmer, Hudson

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Senate, House face off over Medicaid April 30

Stop giving our money away

Why do the Florida Legislature and governor keep giving away my federal tax money to other states? That's what they're doing when they turn down federal money to build a rail system from Tampa Bay to Orlando, or when they reject federal dollars for Medicaid. I resent them giving away my own money, and will hold them accountable in the next election.

Andy Reeves, St. Petersburg

* * *

No cash for vet, she gets jailed - April 25

Legislative offense

If Tammy Brown was sent to jail because she couldn't afford vet care for her sick dog, then members of the Florida Legislature should be jailed for refusing federal funds to help provide health care for the roughly 1 million Floridians who don't earn enough to pay the obscene costs of health care. Time should be added to their sentences for accepting money from the health care racket that sets those obscene prices.

Cindy Deadman Maxwell, Clearwater

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Harsh remedy for schools and Out-of-state group attempts to sway Florida education bill - April 27

War on our teachers

The war on our teachers escalates. The strategy is becoming clearer. First tenure is axed and benefits are cut. Now the threat of mass dismissals looms. Who launched this war? Your Florida Legislature. Who's funding this latest round? Groups eager to profit from public schools being transmogrified into charter schools. Much of the money to support the attacks is flowing in from out of state. Ask why.

You need to tell your legislators that our teachers have no oil, that the only weapons of mass destruction in this war are being stuffed into the open pocket that is Tallahassee.

Richard Downing, Hudson

* * *

Lens architect reveals details - April 27

Test Lens materials first

Having been involved in construction-related businesses for most of my life, I have a potential solution to the questions regarding the materials proposed for the Lens canopy. I suggest the proposed manufacturer supply the city sample panels of the material to be used. These samples could be erected on a temporary framework at a location near the existing Pier to evaluate how they perform in a similar environment to the Lens location. I suggest this occur soon, so that the panels can be exposed to the elements for the longest amount of time prior to a final decision regarding their suitability.

John Parrish, St. Petersburg

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Six more Tampa pioneers chosenApril 24

Proud pioneers

Thanks for the nice article about the six pioneers chosen to be honored along the Riverwalk in Tampa. My grandfather, Peter O. Knight, was one of the six; he would have been greatly pleased and proud. He was involved in so much of Tampa's development during the first half of the 20th century.

Joe Knight Jr., Largo