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'Waiting for a Train' with Flash and the Pan

Over a decade ago, a co-worker and I were discussing the new era of mp3s and bands we needed to go back and revisit. Phil dropped the name of band I had never heard of – Australia's Flash and the Pan that his older brothers listened to back in the late '70s.

To my surprise, Flash and the Pan actually charted in the US in 1979 with their fantastic song, Hey St. Peter, that reached No. 76 and has a quite unusual video.

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In the '80s, Flash and the Pan also made a splash with the slow-building, atmospheric Waiting for a Train, which reached No. 7 in the UK, but strangely enough, barely charted in their home country.

Our twist in the story is that the lead singer of Flash in the Pan is George Young, older brother of Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC. George also produced the first few AC/DC albums, which seems strange considering his performance preference for new wave vs. decibel-shattering hard rock.

Waiting for a Train was the last chart success for the band and Flash and the Pan broke up in 1992.

- Kevin Wuench