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Winners of the Calyx Schenecker Art Infinitum high school fine arts competition were named last week after judging by a panel of local artists. The competition has been renamed to honor the memory of the late King High student, "a passionate art student whose artwork inspired her family to continue her legacy through local scholarship funding at HCC," according to a release from the Hillsborough Community College Gallery 221. First-place winners and their categories are:

2-D - Jairo Argueta, Leto High

3-D - Samantha Rios Arizala, Blake High

Photography - Haley Schabes, Carrollwood Day

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This really is from 2013

Last weekend high school students at Wilcox County High in rural Georgia got to attend the school's first integrated prom - ever. No matter that segregation was declared illegal some 60 years ago, Wilcox was the last of the state's counties to allow black and white students to attend the same dance. A group of students at the school decided this year that prom segregation would be no more, and they raised money and awareness for their cause. Separate proms had been the norm because tradition in Georgia was for private groups, such as parents, to put on proms, so there were always two, one white, one black. (This year, two weeks before the first integrated prom, a private, white prom still occurred.) Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal declined to endorse the efforts of the students to end segregated proms, saying he thought it was a local issue, not one for the state to decide. - tb-two* wire services

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More to the story

Last week in a list of troubled artists and the circumstances of their deaths, we stated that painter Vincent van Gogh died in 1890 from a gunshot wound ruled to be self-inflicted. Avid reader Emma Couture, St. Petersburg High freshman, reminded tb-two* there is still controversy about the artist's death, which was detailed in the 2011 biography Van Gogh: The Life, by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith as being the result of an accidental shooting by two boys the artist then tried to protect. Even though some scholars consider the book a major contribution to the understanding of van Gogh's life, according to the, the curator of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam says the book's theory about his death is "intriguing" but inconclusive.

The troubled artists list also included writer Edgar Allan Poe. Sources differ on his cause of death, some positing cholera or other illnesses, including rabies, but many reference Poe's problem with alcohol.

The mysteries live on, despite the raven that quoth, nevermore.- tb-two* staff

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Save it for your latte

The stupid fad has been around for a while now, thanks to more than 50,000 YouTube videos and other publicity, but DO NOT TRY THE CINNAMON CHALLENGE. As reported in the Boston Globe, an article last week in the journal Pediatrics noted that during the first six months of 2012, there were 178 calls to American Association of Poison Control Centers - up from 51 calls in all of 2011 - and 30 teens required medical attention after they tried to ingest a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, usually on a dare. Some adolescents have gone to the emergency room after taking the cinnamon challenge, and some have required hospitalization for collapsed lungs, according to the study authors. Who knows why people do it; the cloud of red dust that gets spewed back through the nose and mouth hardly seems worth the damage it can do, especially when the spice is inhaled during the coughing fit and ends up in the lungs. The practice can in rare cases result in long-lasting lung problems due to lesions and scarring that form on the lungs, or chronic inflammation of the airway - especially in those who already have asthma.

- tb-two* wire services

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Hey, good students!

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