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'Scandal' recap: Guess who's back?

One thing's for sure: Scandal is not letting up on the plot twists. And this show is best when weaving all manner of insane plotlines into one big compelling narrative. So that means Thursday night, we got an episode that featured: Olivia's dad being revealed as a commander in the mysterious black ops B-613; President Fitz lying to the whole world (again) about his affair; the return of Jake (Scott Foley) from that deep, dark B-613 hole; and this line (too early to call it the quote of the season?):

"How presidential are my balls now, Cy?" -Fitz

Wait, can they say that on broadcast TV? Maybe it's okay because, on Scandal, it's an actual quote from the president of the United States. That's the bar for craziness on this show. Here are more scandalous developments we liked from the episode, "Who's Coming to Dinner?":

Papa Pope Watch: Thankfully, we got a lot of screen time with Olivia's dad (Joe Morton). After Jeff Perry's Cyrus, Morton is our favorite scene chewer. With the big B-613 reveal and the resuming of the Gilmore Girls-esque Sunday night dinners, it seems like this season is going to focus a lot on just how evil Olivia's dad is, and his icy relationship with his daughter. Good to know where Olivia gets her tendency to make such poor decisions with men (daddy issues!).

Hairy Huck: Scandal has put flashbacks to great use in the past -- to explain how Olivia met Huck, and that whole rigging-Fitz's-election thing -- and they're back tonight for a look at Olivia's former, slightly happier relationship with her dad. And how do we know it's a flashback? Because the characters have more hair, of course. This week, in addition to the Olivia Bangs (love) and Huck's overgrown beard/hair, we got a glimpse at the David Rosen Goatee. Not a fan.

Also not a fan of present day Huck's scary parking garage confrontation with Olivia, where he gets her to admit that her father is in fact part of the organization that ruined his life. Dude's been through a lot but, come on, keep your hands off Liv!

Mellie Plan of the Week: She offers Fitz's alleged mistress Jeanine a cool $2 million in a Cayman account to lie and admit she was the one who slept with the president. Nice move, Mels.

Bonus points for this interaction with Cyrus:

"You're evil." - Cyrus

"You're welcome." - Mellie

Next On 'Scandal': Clearly what this show needs is an injection of even more crazy, so it looks like there's going to be a bomber in the White House next week. This reminds of that incredibly good Grey's Anatomy episode where Meredith had to remove a bomb from a man's chest cavity. That's a compliment.

Also, what do you guys make of ABC flashing the hashtags #GoodJake and #BadJake after the episode that suggest Jake isn't to be trusted? Honestly, that hadn't even crossed my mind when he showed up at Olivia's door, but with this show, you never know. What do you think? Did that hole turn Jake evil?