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Charlie Crist and Alex Sink at teacher union confab: Like night and day

It's hard to imagine clearer evidence that Alex Sink made the right decision not to run for governor again and face a primary fight than her entrance in a teacher union conference and Charlie Crist's entrance Saturday morning.

The former Republican governor was mobbed by union members as he walked through the Orlando World Center Marriott Saturday morning, stopping every few steps as a scrum of educators a dozen-deep surrounded him, seeking photos, and cheering him on.

"Our next governor - right here!"

"We're behind you, Charlie!"

Crist responded: "I'm behind you. We're in this together."

Sink arrived a little later and was barely noticed before she spoke. A handful of people here and there asked for photos with her.

The contrast was especially striking given the Florida Education Association's history with Sink. In 2002 the union bankrolled and effectively ran the day-to-day operations of the gubernatorial campaign of her husband, Bill McBride, who died suddenly last December. On Saturday, the union played a video about McBride from his 2002 campaign, and FEA President Andy Ford tearfully presented Sink with a large and imposing piece of glasswork to honor McBride's commitment to public schools.