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Full disclosure: My AP ballot (Oct. 13)

In the wake of Saturday's upsets, my latest ballot included much movement -- and much agonizing.

How far should the ranked upset victims fall? Whom should fall out of my top 25 entirely? Which teams should I promote from the legions of the previously unranked? And will this middle-aged buffoon seated next to me on this connection flight ever stop humming?

Anyway, here's a little about my thought process:

* Of the ranked teams who lost, Washington had the least movement (remaining at No. 19) and Georgia had the most (No. 6 to 20). I know the Dawgs are banged up, but isn't that what recruiting's for? Speaking of Georgia...

* Missouri's upset of the Dawgs in Athens propelled the Tigers to No. 16 on my ballot. I know their top-20 stay may be limited due to the season-ending injury of QB James Franklin, but they are unbeaten, and they held off Georgia late in the game with a backup quarterback.

* Wisconsin moved back in at No. 24 after its annihilaton of Northwestern

* South Carolina and Texas A&M are my newest top-10 entries, courtesy of impressive -- and in the Gamecocks' case, overwhelming -- SEC road victories.

* I thought long and hard about putting Texas back on my ballot after its two-TD win against Oklahoma, but couldn't pull the trigger. For all intents, the Longhorns should be 3-3; the officiating crew handed them a win at Iowa State.

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Clemson

4. Ohio State

5. FSU

6. LSU

7. South Carolina

8. Texas A&M

9. Louisville

10. UCLA

11. Stanford

12. Miami

13. Baylor

14. Texas Tech

15. Virginia Tech

16. Missouri

17. Auburn

18. Oklahoma

19. Washington

20. Georgia

21. Oklahoma State

22. Florida

23. Michigan

24. Wisconsin

25. Fresno State