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The concern over the flood of fliers in the District 36 state House race is not surprising. The mailers are certainly harsh and intentionally scary, but entirely expected.

District 36 is one of the few competitive seats in the Florida House. Most others (along with most Senate districts) having been gerrymandered to assure a Republican lock on the Legislature in a state with a slight Democratic plurality. As a result, both parties and special interest groups are spending generously.

The unfortunate consequence is the disengagement of citizens from a political process in which they are already disempowered due to gerrymandering.

Dell deChant,New Port Richey

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Political apathy of some homeowners is stunning

I've have had the freedom as a citizen of going door to door in support of a political candidate of my choice. I feel it my duty as a citizen to do so. Some people respond to my presence at their door with "not interested."

I stand there stunned with my Navy veteran ball cap on wondering "Who are these people?" I swore an oath as a Navy volunteer to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

These are people who live less than a few blocks from the Gulf of Mexico, in single-family homes, and they're not interested? Do they pay for flood insurance?

Joe King, New Port Richey

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Sidewalks on both sides of roads are a waste of money

Very few people will use the 5 miles of sidewalk on both sides of U.S. 98, a 55-mph highway. They put sidewalk between DeCubellis and Trouble Creek roads on sides of the street that very few people use. And there are sidewalks on both sides of Seven Springs Boulevard from Mitchell Boulevard to Perrine Ranch Road.

If county officials cared, they could install sidewalks on just one side of a street and have extra money to put additional sidewalks someplace else.

W. Wood, New Port Richey