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Breaking Brad: Culpepper previews Wednesday's epic 'Survivor' battle

Going into what's anticipated to be an epic battle to stay on Survivor, Brad Culpepper assured me when I talked to him Monday, "I can do puzzles."

The amiable ex-Buccaneer can talk all day about his strategy on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the CBS reality contest that put Culpepper and his wife, Monica, on an island filled with other Survivor alums and their loved ones. But he was not liking the snark sent his way last week when his male-dominated tribe once again lost an immunity challenge (they are so far 0 for 3) when it once again hinged on a tough puzzle.

Fair enough to note that Culpepper's part of the competition -- dragging a crate through the water or diving to the deep to get puzzle pieces -- has always put his team ahead. But then, the pieces just don't fall into place for the win.

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